Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat 12' x 6' x 1/4"


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Gorilla Mats large exercise mats are crafted from the highest quality materials to create the perfect workout surface for your home.  Just unstrap and unroll to transform any room into your very own home gym. Our 12' x 6' premium extra large workout mats are big enough for any cardio home workout including P90x, Insanity, T25, Plyometrics, Zumba, and more!


You want to get into shape. You’re ready to see results. But working out on your living room floor isn’t exactly ideal. You need a large, spacious, non-slip surface. Padding and cushion to help absorb the impact. Durable, non-toxic materials are essential. You need more than just an exercise mat...


High-density, non-slip performance top provides unmatched durability and cushion. Unique, circle-pattern bottom grips and prevents the mat from sliding around. This creates the perfect balance of toughness, comfort and stability.


If there’s anything worse than sore joints after an intense workout, it’s finding out your carpet or hardwood flooring has been destroyed too. Don’t make Plyometrics and Burpees any harder than they already are.

Upgrade your Workouts with #Gorillamats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelley Tinker
I bought it for 2 reasons, actually 3

1. I had a plan to rearrange my 10 foot by 33 foot attic room so that I could actually use 3 exercise machines/devices (Ab Coaster, Pro Force Stretchmaster, and HIIT AXLE) that were either elsewhere downstairs in the house, semi-inaccessible or not-yet-purchased, plus have extra room on the mat otherwise for doing my calisthenics and my X3 Bar exercises. This mat allows all of those things in one area (the back half of my room in the attic.

2. The wood floor of that area was semi-unfinished ever since I moved up there and I would always get splinters every once in a while, plus when I'd wear socks, they'd always grab little tiny bits from the floor and then get embedded in the carpet of the other half of the room, and on my 7 x 5 Gorilla yoga mat I'd have on the carpeted half of my room's floor, which was very annoying. Anyway, even though this new 6 foot by 12 foot Exercise Mat doesn't span the entire wooden floor, it covers a lot of it and I won't be getting any splinters or bits transferring like before, since I'll mostly be on the mat instead, and only about 12 inches on each side of the mat expose the floor now.

3. I already have had a Yo Gorilla Yoga Mat for a couple of years now and it's pretty awesome, so I decided to go to YoGorilla Mats for an exercise mat, to accommodate the machines.

This exercise mat is so much firmer than the yoga mat, but I expected that since they are made to be more durable so that more can be done using it. It's so durable. It does have a bit of a smell (which the Yoga mat never did), but it's not bad and I'm sure it will be gone by the end of the week.

In a word, my review is..................... "Yaaaaaaaaaay!"

Odie Bacon
Outstanding mats!

I'm so happy with my 2 new Gorilla mats, 12 X 6 ft. My prior mats were the interlocking type 24 x24 inches and were starting to tear and peel. I received my 2 - 12 X 6 mats a few days ago and couldn't wait to lay they out. My garage gym looks and feels fantastic. I did a lot of research prior to investing in these mats and no other company backs there mats like Yo Gorilla. They are high quality mats and will serve there purpose with confidence. I'm impressed with their high quality mats and even more impressed they come with a life time warranty. Thank you Yo Gorilla!!