11 Popular Beachbody Workouts That Will Get You in Shape

11 Popular Beachbody Workouts That Will Get You in Shape

July 07, 2018

There are lots of home workouts in the fitness universe, but the most popular are created by Beachbody, and with good reason. Beachbody has a workout program for just about everyone.

Beachbody and Gorilla Mats are the perfect match.  When you're doing full body workouts at home, you need a high quality large exercise or yoga mat.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Beachbody programs, along with our Gorilla Mat recommendations, so you can see if there’s a fun program and workout surface you’d like to try.


21 Day Fix

This 21-day program can be repeated for multiple rounds. Its popularity is found in the variety of moves and types of workouts done in seven days’ time which are repeated for 21 days.

The styles of these workouts include cardio drills, resistance training, Pilates, and yoga. And each workout is 30 minutes.

There are also portion control containers included, as well as an eating guide.

Autumn Calabrese is the celebrity trainer who created these workouts, and they’re suitable for many beginners as well as intermediate and advanced exercisers. Modifications are shown to help exercisers find a variation suitable for their fitness level.

There are even two bonus workouts which are based on the barre method.

The equipment for these workouts includes resistance bands, a set of light and heavy weights, and a mat.  

Our Recommendation: our 6x4’ Premium Large Exercise Mat Silverback Gray is ideal for this program because of the minimum amount of other equipment and the small-space-friendly drills used in this workout.

21 Day Fix Extreme

This is the sequel to the popular 21 Day Fix Workouts. They are also created by Autumn Calabrese, and involve the same equipment.

These workouts are also 30 minutes long. The only difference is that the exercises are tougher and are more suitable for intermediate to very advanced exercisers.

21 Day Fix Extreme can be repeated for several rounds, and in known for providing great results in a short time with its tough, but doable workouts.

Our Recommendation: the 8x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Silverback Gray is once again our preferred mat due to the extra space it provides for the more challenging cardio drills used in these workouts.

Focus T25

These super intense sweat sessions are led by the ever-motivating Shaun T. While they’re only 25 minutes each, these workouts provide results based on high intensity interval training.

Shaun T’s enthusiastic approach combines unique multi-joint movements, free weights, and plyometrics to increase calorie burn and speed up results.

The creator of Insanity and Insanity Asylum designed these workouts on similar principles, but for those who are shorter on time.

Focus T25 is a great program choice for intermediate to advanced exercisers.

Our Recommendation: the 10x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Gorilla Black will help you get the most from this workout while taking it easy on your joints.  Our largest exercise mat provides the extra space you need for all of the traveling movement in these workouts.


This workout is a fusion of yoga and Pilates styles, and provides body sculpting without giving your joints a beating.

Chalene Johnson designed these workouts to emphasize core strength and range of motion. These workouts provide the intensity to leave you refreshed yet feeling like you’ve just had a great workout. It’s suitable for beginners to advanced exercisers wanting to add variety to their workout.

The world-class fitness instructor also holds the Guiness World Record for recording the most exercise DVD’s, and she’s created workouts for many different populations and workout styles, including TurboKick.

There are 10 different workouts provided in this program, each emphasizing different fitness component like strength, buns, core, and alignment. This program provides plenty of variety without the impact on your joints, giving you a more restorative workout.

Oh, and did we mention that you can do PiYo with your shoes off?

Our Recommendation: the 7x5’ Premium Large Yoga Mat in Acai Purple has plenty of room for you to move and is comfortable for all of those challenging poses.


The most recent program in the P90X series provides even more creative moves that scorch calories, as well as Tony Horton’s dynamic instruction.

It’s amazing that such a bare bones workout using only your bodyweight and a couple of sets of weights can leave you feeling the burn for days afterward. And the plyometric moves will get your heartrate way, way up, which provides an amazing cardio workout without a boring treadmill.

This program is best for intermediate to very advanced exercisers, due to the challenging drills in each workouts.

Our Recommendation: our 7x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Gorilla Black is ideal with extra thickness for the plyometric jumps and extra size for all of the moving you’ll be doing during these workouts. And trust us, you will be moving all over your space.

Shaun Week

This program currently holds the record for the most participants. Shaun Week consists of seven non-stop, heart-pounding HIIT workouts, each with a different focus.

There is a focus on core strength and cardio in this program, and there’s very little equipment needed. The secret to this workout is drills, and combination movements that reflect Shaun T’s unique style.

All it requires is two sets of weights  and your own bodyweight

Our Recommendation: our 8x4’ Premium Large Exercise Mat in Gorilla Black is again our recommendation for this program because of Shaun T’s move-around-the-room style.

Brazil Butt Lift

This workout program is a Beachbody classic. It provides all the variety you need to get your booty in shape.

There’s dance cardio, mat work, and standing glute work that will spark your metabolism while keeping your fit time fun.

Brazil Butt Lift was inspired by supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio’s workouts, which were created for her by Brazilian trainer, Leandro Carvahlo.

Our Recommendation: our 10x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Midnight Blue for all of the dance segments in Brazil Butt Lift.

Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer

If you’re looking for a workout that’s short on time but big on results, then hop on board this fitness express.

Tony Horton, of P90X fame leads you through intense 10-minute workouts that will have your heart pumping and leave you drenched in sweat.

There are a variety of workouts to choose from: cardio, core, upper, and lower body.

One of the secrets that makes these workouts successful is that Tony uses compound moves that utilize the muscles in both your upper and lower body at the same time, leading to greater calorie burn.

A resistance band and a set of free weights are the tools you’ll need.

Our Recommendation:  our 6x4’ Premium Large Exercise Mat in Midnight Blue is great for unrolling for these quick, non-stop workouts.

Body Beast

World-renowned body builder Sagi Kalev shows you how to pack on muscle in this classic bodybuilding program.

This program uses multiple weight sets, as well as a bench. The focus of Body Beast is weight training, and its schedule involves working a different muscle group each day, such as back and biceps one day, then legs the next day.

Our Recommendation: our 10x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Gorilla Black has plenty of space for your bench and weight sets while still providing you with enough space for a good workout.

Master’s Hammer and Chisel

This 60-day total body transformation is coached by super trainers Sagi Kalev and Autum Calabrese.

Each week includes workouts which will help you get leaner, and workouts that will help you gain defined muscle. It also includes the portion control feature of 21 Day Fix. For those who want to be ripped while including a variety, this program is for you.

You’ll need weights and a bench for exercise props to ramp up the intensity of your workout.

Our Recommendation: Our 10x4’ Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat in Silverback Gray gives you plenty of space for a great workout setup with this program.

80-Day Obsession

Beachbody’s newest program by Autumn Calabrese combines more workouts including Pilates, weights, drills, and unique combo moves which come together to create a program that involves total body transformation through fitness and proper portions.

The program lasts for 80 days and Autumn’s motivating style includes modifications for various fitness levels.

All you need is a resistance band, two sets of weights, and a resistance band as your tools.

Our Recommendation: our 8’x4’ Premium Large Exercise Mat in Midnight Blue once again gives you the right amount of space for sweat fest of a workout.


There you have it. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Beachbody programs for you to enjoy. Our Premium Large Yoga Mat is ideal for low-impact programs like Piyo, Three Week Yoga Retreat, and Yoga Booty Ballet.

And our Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat is the best mat for workouts such as Insanity, P90X, Country Heat, 21 Day Fix, and many more of Beachbody’s high intensity, high impact workouts.

Whatever your fitness level, they have a program for you.  And we have a mat for you.

With multiple sizes to fit your room and several stunning colors to match your style, Gorilla Mats can provide you with a comfortable, non-slip, durable workout surface that will hold up to the toughest drills and mat work.

Order a Best Selling Gorilla Mat for your home workouts today!

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